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The Government Becoming Heretic

Step 8

Rebecca's dilemma was ideological (single soul/drive):  See Tanya Ch.28
There are two souls/drives in each person:  Etz Chaim Gate 50 Ch. 2, Tanya Ch. 1
Esau & Jacob = Animal and G-dly Drives:  Shela, Gate of Letters, et al
Constant battle between the two drives, they cannot rule concurrently:  Tanya Ch. 9
Esau (Animalistic Drive) is first:  Tanya Ch. 1
We need Esau:  And also, in the Next World, when Jacob will rule and spirituality will "be king", nevertheless physicality (Esau) will still be needed.  Refer the End of the World for more.
Every individual is guaranteed to ultimately repent:  Deuteronomy 30,1-3, Rambam Laws of Repentance 7:5.  Note this will be G-d willing explained in future topics.
Esau's headquarters are in the heart:  Tanya Ch. 9
Esau's model / lifestyle is a recipe for chaos:  Also see Isaiah 57:20 for example:  The wicked will never obtain tranquility but will continually meet trouble (Mezudat David on this verse). But this is spelled out in the repeated warnings of the Torah itself, if you follow your heart, such and such will occur. Indeed, Esau has been hunting married women (Genesis 26:34, Rashi) and his own wives have been "hunted" from him by his own children (Midrash Bereshit Rabba 82:12). His family ended up disintegrated (Genesis 46:26 and Rashi there).

Esau is a born liar:  Midrash Bereshit Rabba 63:10
Jacob's headquarters are in the mind:  Tanya Ch. 9
Jacob is a straight person:  Genesis 25:27 and Rashi there.
Jacob's mind is pre-occupied with Torah:  See Genesis 25:27, Rashi
Jacob infuses the world with G-dliness:  Tanya Ch.37
Esau learnt he's lost his father's material blessings:  Genesis 27:34-38
Esau flattered by Jacob's exorbitant presents:  Genesis 33:4
Forced Repentance, Willing Repentance:  See Talmud Sanhedrin 97b and the MaHaRSHA's commentary.

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