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How Will Creation Reach its Goal?

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Human Resources
Human Resources

Everything hangs on the human being.

Never mind what’s above — angels, souls, celestial beings, even Divine levels beyond Creation.  It is only the frail man on this lowly earth who’s charged with executing the Divine Will — to realize the purpose of Creation — to make G-d feel comfortable (so-to-speak) down here in the physical realm. 


Yes, it won’t be easy but how much prestige and glory will man get by rising to the challenge!  Are all humans worthy of such nobility?

On the other hand, to think on a more worldly level, are the Divine Commandments obligatory or optional?  Can we make a sincere, conscious decision not to take the job on and (yes, OK) not to receive the reward?

“I [G-d] had made the earth and created man upon it”. (Isaiah 45:12)

The world “created” — (בראתי/barati) is numerically equivalent to 613 — the number of Commandments in the Torah.  The whole purpose of Creation lies in man performing the 613 Commandments here on earth.  That’s what every fiber of his being is all about.  Hence even the number of limbs (248) and sinews (365) of man’s body totals 613.


And therefore there is no recruitment process that would qualify or shortlist people for this project.

The Divine Commandments are applicable to all mankind (“man”) at all times and in all places (“earth”). More on this below.

Man — by definition — is already recruited for the service of his Creator.

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