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Conspiracy Claims

There are claims that governments are conspiring on the back of COVID-19.

Without validating these claims, we're going to explore how all the concepts being introduced by these claims are actually mirrored in the Torah with regards to how Moshiach will come and how he will manage things going forward. 

Concepts such as Conspiracy, New World Order, Global Elite, Coercion, Surveillance, Social Scoring, Universal Basic Income, New World Currency, and Depopulation.


  • What we are going to cover in this series of videos.

  • The place of conspiracy in history and in Judaism.

  • The details of the COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory.

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Global Government

  • Two Talmudic signs about the Government before the Coming of Moshiach.

  • Who will that Government conspire against?

  • What is G-d's concurrent conspiracy?


  • Evil edicts before the Coming of Moshiach?

  • How will Moshiach get the people on board?

  • Free Choice in the Messianic Era

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Chaya Sarah bas Yechezkel

24x7 Surveillance

  • Evil surveillance before the Coming of Moshiach

  • Divine surveillance before and after Moshiach comes

  • Messianic Totalitarianism

New World Currency

  • The new currency of Moshiach Times

  • "Sustenance"-as-a-Service / Bread-from-Heaven (Manna) model

  • "Universal Basic Income" and "Social Scoring"

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Depopulation - Part 1

  • Prophecies of huge changes in world population

  • Who do these prophecies apply to

Possible Implications

  • Is the conspiracy theory true or false?

  • Who are the "Global Elite"?

  • Why is Moshiach's coming associated with negativity?

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