Conspiracy in the wake of Moshiach

Are governments conspiring on the back of COVID-19?

Regardless of whether that's true or not, the details of this conspiracy claim actually happen to have some place in the Coming of Moshiach – explored in the videos below:


  • What we are going to cover in this series of videos.

  • The place of conspiracy in history and in Judaism.

  • The details of the COVID-19 Conspiracy Theory.

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Global Government

  • Two Talmudic signs about the Government before the Coming of Moshiach.

  • Who will that Government conspire against?

  • What is G-d's concurrent conspiracy?


  • Evil edicts before the Coming of Moshiach?

  • How will Moshiach get the people on board?

  • Free Choice in the Messianic Era

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Chaya Sarah bas Yechezkel


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24x7 Surveillance

  • Evil surveillance before the Coming of Moshiach

  • Divine surveillance before and after Moshiach comes

  • Messianic Totalitarianism

Wealth Management

  • Where will all the money go before Moshiach comes?

  • Moshiach's new currency

  • The end of currency

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  • Conflicts of interest and corruption in the Judicial system before Moshiach comes

  • No truth and no reproach

  • Remote enforcement of justice by Moshiach


  • The 5th & 6th Industrial Revolutions

  • What will people do for a living, in the Messianic Age?

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  • Gloomy prophecies of huge changes in world population

  • Context of these prophecies

  • Who will perish

Possible Implications

  • Is the conspiracy theory true or false?

  • Who are the "Global Elite"?

  • Why is Moshiach's coming associated with negativity?

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