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How Will Life Change?

Whatever you're into – the Messianic Age is right up you're alley.


What does “Moshiach” mean in practical terms, in our day-to-day life?

Decoding this will also provide us with a clearer picture of why the world is changing so much and where it's heading.

Presented for five different stereotypes.


How Moshiach will impact the world of the child (and we are all children on some level): The attitude toward sweets, the move of education to video and beyond, and the attainment of prophetic visions, even by Children.

How the Physical World we know so well will change. From earning a living, to food, fun, health and death. They'd all change as a result of the renewed nexus between the Spiritual and Physical worlds.

How wars will become obsolete in Messianic Times, and crime – a thing of the past. Also, a serious upgrade to sensitivity of the human heart.

The extent of scientific discovery in the Messianic Age, and how the ability to comprehend will be amplified – not only by Human Beings but also by the entire physical creation.

5) Moshiach for the Spiritual

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