Will the World End?

There's some sort of an ending, but it's not scary


There's actually a definitive end to the world.

But when?  What sort of ending?  And what happens after that?

This is a journey that'll take you from before the beginning of time all the way to beyond its end, with 6 stops in between.



What was before Creation? Looking at the world in the bigger scheme of things.

It's a Divine business venture. Huge investment. Risky returns.

Job specs and Position Descriptions. How hard it will get and why.

4. The Torah

What's the Torah got to do with the End of the World? Well, it actually makes it happen.

5. The 7th Day

Shabbat. All business stops - even "spiritual business". And it's not about resting...

6. The 7th Year

Sabbatical – a year of no agricultural activity after six years of hard work. The sixth year producing three years­-worth.

7. The 7th Millennium

The “end” of the world. What sort of ending? Constructive destruction.

8. The Next World

A fresh set of Heavens & Earth without ridding of the old ones.

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Basics of Moshiach & Redemption.
Dream – is Moshiach a fantasy?
Surety – what’s the guarantee Moshiach will come?

Changes – how will life change in the Messianic Age?

Reward – how will we get paid in the Messianic Era?
Miracles – will there be miracles in the time of Mashiach?

End – will the world end?

Coming – when will Moshiach come?
History – Messianic hopes & attempts in the past.
Predictions of when Moshiach will come - קץ or קיצין.
Dates – auspicious dates for the coming of Moshiach.
Today – can Moshiach come today?

Periods – durations and milestones in the Times of Moshiach.

These are the broad topics we'll cover, G-d willing:

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Moshiach – about the man.
Elijah and Moshiach.
Moshiach Ben Yosef.
You – your role in bringing Moshiach.


Rosh Hashanah | Yom Kippur | Sucot |  Chanukah | Purim | Pesach | Lag Ba-Omer | Shavuot | Tisha Be-av


Process – how will Moshiach come?
Shams – false Messianism.

Signals – signs of Moshiach.


The Temple - בית המקדש
Resurrection of the Dead - תחיית המתים
Ingathering of Exiles - קיבוץ גלויות


Significance – how important is Moshiach?
Exile – what’s the purpose of Exile?
Delay – why is it taking so long for Moshiach to come?
Obscurity – why is the end-time so concealed?
Ambiguity – why is Mashiach so unclear?
Controversy – why is Moshiach so contentious?


Moshiach – where is he now and in the past?
10 Lost Tribes – where are they?

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