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A step closer to the Currency of Moshiach Times

Another aspect to the Sign of "Moshiach not coming until coins run out"

Fiat Money

This is how currencies (for example "dollars") have always looked for thousands of years:

  • Created by Governments

  • Centralized. Controlled via law and Banks

  • Unlimited supply. Can produce more


  • Exchanged physically (and now, digitally as well)


  • Stored in wallets, safes, or bank accounts


  • Concept of "small change" exists (although now diminishing)

fiat currencies.jpg

These are the key changes Cryptocurrency has been recently introducing to the Financial World:


cryptocurrencies icons.png
  • Secured by Computers


  • Decentralized. Unregulated

  • Limited supply

  • Digital exchange only


  • Stored in a virtual “block” powered by many anonymous computers


  • Concept of (small) change does not exist.

cryptocurrencies icons.png

Cryptocurrency thus further fulfills the sign of

Coins Running Out of Wallets

before the Coming of Moshiach:

  • With the Electronic Age, coins still have the same worth (although are being used less and less). It is also still possible to have them in your wallet.


  • According to the pitch of Cryptocurrency, regular coins will be worthless. That’s beyond being small and insignificant.


  • Cryptocurrency is a completely different and independent level from normal currencies. More than just “coins” phasing out, the entire concept of traditional currency — that’s been around since the beginning of civilization — is being challenged.

But Cryptocurrency does more than just further express the sign of Coins Running out of Wallets.

It introduces

The Currency of the Messianic Era.

Even if Cryptocurrency doesn't supersede traditional currencies some time in the future, or just doesn't completely take off, or even completely fails — it has introduced the world to another step in the direction of how currency will look in the Messianic Era.


An illustrative icon only.

Its significance will be explored in the next article, please G-d.

The Currency of Moshiach will have

Something to do with

the following attributes of Cryptocurrency:

  • Decentralizing. Away from power hubs (Governments, Banks) that regulate and store your financial achievements.


  • Hidden. "Crypto" means concealed. Cryptocurrency is a concept that's been hidden hitherto but is now being revealed.

  • Transparent. Can't hide your wealth. It's all online.

  • New Level of Currency. The currency of the Old World is still "valid tender" but is incompatible with the New World.


  • Many Cryptocurrencies. Not only Bitcoin.

  • How to obtain. You can either mine or buy using the outgoing currencies (before they're superseded).

But first we need to understand

Spiritual Currency


Note the various Cryptocurrencies have chosen to associate their name with “Coin”, and even brand themselves as such (despite there being no such physical existence). Perhaps to remind us of history, like it will be in the Days of Moshiach — remembering the days of exile… (See Talmud Brachot 12b).

Currency of Moshiach:  Will be disclosed in the next article, together with its synergies to Cryptocurrency.

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