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LGBT in Messianic Light

How LGBT are to manage their drive for AoM, and how this will apply to everyone in Messianic Times.

This story starts with:

Two mistakes in the Garden of Eden.

It was all good in the Garden until Adam and Eve 

  • Engaged with the Serpent, which represents pure evil

  • Ate from the Tree of Knowledge, which represents mixture of good and bad. 

Two types of challenge

Those two mistakes had forced humanity into a constant battle on two fronts:

1.  To manage drives for permissible things 

  • Pleasurable actions that contain good and bad.

  • Like AoM, tasty food, and business dealings.

  • The "Good" means doing these actions for a Heavenly purpose.

  • The "Bad" is the pure natural (selfish) motive behind these actions (physical pleasure, honor, etc. Nothing G-dly).

  • This "Bad" is not so bad. The world will not exist without it. For example, people will just not engage in AoM and perpetuate if it wasn't for the pleasure of it. 

  • But the work and sweat here is to separate the Good from the Bad. To engage in those physical actions but replacing the natural physical drive with a spiritual one, for a heavenly purpose.

  • That is very tricky. Like splitting hairs sometimes. 

  • AoM for Heterosexuals ("Straight" people) falls into this category. It is permissible and often obligatory. But because the drive for AoM is so powerful, it is very hard to have it used for heavenly motives only. 

2.  To resist drives for forbidden things 

  • Pleasurable actions that are outright forbidden. 

  • Like some AoM, consuming non-kosher food, and operating a non-kosher business.

  • Similar drive like that for permissible things, but the work with this drive is to disengage.

  • Although hard as well, it is less tricky. Pure rejection. No engagement.  

  • And the more rejected, the weaker the drive becomes, as opposed to the drive for permissible things that becomes stronger with every engagement (even if done for a heavenly purpose). 

  • The drive for SSM falls into this category of forbidden drives.

To summarise the challenges with AoM:

  • For heterosexuals, to steer away from performing the AoM simply for pleasure’s sake, and do it for the sake of Heaven. 

  • For LGBT, to marry like heterosexuals and perform AoM despite the lack of physical attraction. 

  • Further for LGBT, to steer away from SSM despite craving it. 

Both challenges end with Moshiach

Evil has an expiry date. 

The sweat poured over these two challenge types throughout the ages will ultimately result in the removal of all impure spirits from the world, with the Coming of Moshiach. 

And then: 

1.  Engagement with Permissible Things

  • Moshiach means physical acts which were previously associated with physical pleasure will (still be done like before, but now;) purely for the sake of Heaven. 

  • Compare this with the conduct of completely righteous people ("Tzadikim") in This World, (even well) before the Coming of Moshiach, and their engagement with the physical world, be it AoM, eating or business – all done purely for a heavenly intention (and heavenly pleasure), with no trace of physical satisfaction. 

  • And in the World-to-Come, all the people will be as righteous. 

Now further compare this with how the Torah expects LGBT to engage in AoM with the opposite sex (even before Moshiach): 

  • Despite there being no physical desire to do so, but purely for the sake of Heaven – to fulfill the commandment of reproduction, and their partner's needs. 

  • In other words, LGBT are (able to be) more spiritual people than "straight" people and do the AoM with no physical pleasure driving it, even before Messianic Times. 

  • Once Moshiach comes, everyone will be in the same boat as LGBT and the Righteous, in that respect (AoM).

2.  Disengagement from Forbidden Things

  • The spirit of impurity removed does not mean the obstacles of the past will be eliminated. 

  • On the contrary, "the Serpent will be a great servant to G-d". He's not going anywhere.  

  • It's the spirit – the inclination and desire for these obstacles that'll disappear from people's hearts. 

  • Again like Tzaddikim who (by definition) have killed or completely converted their evil inclination inside them. No longer possible to have attraction to sin, regardless of how sinful the surroundings are. 

  • Likewise LGBT will no longer crave SSM, depsite being surrounded by the same sex. 

Bisexual – Intermediate Level

It follows from the above that doing AoM like LGBT (with zero physical pleasure) is the highest level. 

Most Straights struggle with this. They "rely" on their physical pleasure to do AoM. 

There is an intermediate level: Bisexual. The dual attraction can be managed as follows: 

  • Hetrosexual conduct – only with your partner (when, and in the manner permitted). 

  • For men, Gay conduct – toward other women.

  • For women, Lesbian conduct – toward other men.

Transition Between Extremes

LGBT find themselves between two extremes: 

  • Attraction to SSM (one of the worst forms of AoM)

  • AoM in a normal marriage done best. 

These two extremes correspond to the classical extremes at the end of times:

  • End of Exile

  • Onset of Redemption

By pursuing the right extreme and turning away from the other, LGBT make this monumental transition from Exile to Redemption happen. 

The Divine Agenda

Heterosexual concepts such as "family", "husband-wife" etc are values that have been with humanity ever since Day One. 

The Agenda is based on LGBT not fitting within these parameters, and hence seeking to redefine them and introduce a completely different (gender-neutral) system. 

The cons of this Agenda will be discussed in later articles, G-d willing. 

But there's a parallel agenda – that of the Master of the World. It is based on a parallel paradigm shift: 

Physical motivation for AoM has also been an accepted norm from Day One (after the sin). But this norm doesn't really fit within the parameters of the "New World" of Moshiach. There is therefore a Divine agenda to shift this "Old World" thinking to align with future values. 

LGBT should be leading this agenda instead. 



Primeval Serpent = pure evil. Also known as the "Three Impure Peels" (ג׳ קליפות הטמאות). Zohar Chaye Sara 72

Tree of Knowledge = mixture of good and bad. Also known as the "Noga Peel" (קליפת נוגה). Et Chaim g49 p3.

Resultant two challenges for humanity (dealing with permissible and forbidden things). Torah Ohr 5d.

"Bad" means if it's not for a G-dly purpose. Tanya Ch. 6.

People will not engage in AoM if it wasn't for the pleasure of it. Talmud Yuma 69a. 

The more rejected, the weaker the drive. Talmud Yuma 39a. Tanya Ch. 27.

Evil has an expiry date. Job 28:3.

Removal of the spirit of impurity from the world with the Coming of Moshiach. Zecharia 13:2.

Tzadikim don't have any physical drives. Tanya Ch. 10 et al. 

All the people will be righteous (Tzadikim). Talmud Sanhedrin 90a

The Serpent will be a great servant to G-d. Talmud Sanhedrin 59b. 

Tzaddikim have either killed or completely converted their Evil Inclination. Tanya Ch. 1.

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