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The Impact of SSM on Society

How Same-sex Marriage is changing society and what are the implications.

SSM not only harms the individual. 

It also has repercussions to the society that chooses to embrace it:

Redefining Society

The Agenda generally operates on three levels:

  • Replace the historical rejection of LGBT with tolerance.  

  • Advocate and establish rights for LGBT to practice SSM and related matters, such as surrogacy. 

  • Reshape society to fit with the Agenda's ideology. 

Society is traditionally built on the notion of two genders, males and females (gender binary). This is essentially based on their biological differences, indicated by their respective reproductive organs. There is no in-between or other variations. 

Variations begin when it comes to sexual feelings – about oneself, and toward others. These feelings have a wide spectrum of possibilities, just like all other propensities. 

The Agenda's ideology takes this spectrum and terms it Gender and Sexual Identity. Your gender and sexual propensity will now define who you are

This philosophy is then not just an emphasis on sexuality, but a statement of purpose for humanity: Life is about (identity) your sexuality and your sexual attraction. 

This shift in ideology has (for starters) practical implications:

Practical Changes

Some of the implications to society from disseminating the Agenda ideology are:

  • Normalcy (family, father, mother) is biased and offensive toward LGBT. The positive aspects of normalcy become diminished or rid of altogether. 

  • Promoting the growth of LGBT within the general community, despite being undesirable (previous article). 

  • Focusing life on sexuality will lead to more cases of rape. Even though everyone has the right of consent (which makes perfect sense), that right is not strong enough to hold back a material act stemming from just expressing oneself (sexual impulse). 

Terminal Approach

SSM means focus on the sexual pleasures in the present, with no real regard to what it means for the future:

  • No continuity for LGBT themselves. And that's a shame, because if only they were to conquer their natural inclination and bring children to the world, society needs more of such people.  

  • The approach of SSM influences the general community as well. Normal people will do AoM with the opposite sex but the outlook on the AoM will become the same as the Agenda (focus on physical pleasures and disregard perpetuity). 

  • Some SSM partners do feel the urge to perpetuate but through surrogacy. This puts the identity of the offspring in serious question. Also, being raised by same-sex parents will not help the child to grow normally... 

Integrating SSM into society is a drastic step. A dangerous experiment. 

But all this is not really uncharted waters. 

SSM was officially recognized (only) once before in history. Let's see if we can draw some parallels and learn from that experiment:

The Generation of Noah's Flood

Their phillosophy was simple: Follow your material desires religiously. 

What transpired out of that was immorality and theft. 

They developed a custom of marrying two wives. What's the magic about this number? Nothing. It just reflected their ideals, separating the pleasure element of AoM from the obligation element of reproduction: One wife was only for pleasure (they would sterilize and adorn her) and the other wife to reproduce only (she would be scorned like a widow). That’s the general population. 

There was also a minority gay community. They took it a step further, devoting themselves to the “main” thing (pleasure) and ignoring the duty to reproduce altogether. After all, everyone else had pretty much the same sentiment toward having children and family-life. It was interfering with their perceived purpose of life – physical pleasures.

And then society took a further step in the direction of their ideals. They started to officially recognize gay couples, writing marriage contracts for SSM. 

That was G-d's red line. He brought the Flood to reset that society. 

Why Annihilation?

Egypt, Canaan, Ancient Greece and Rome all practiced and tolerated SSM, but not to the extent of legalizing it. Those cultures had disappeared over time but they were not physically annihilated like Noah's generation was, by the Flood. 

Noah's Flood killed everyone except for Noach and his family. That flood is called "Androlomusia" (in the Ancient Greek language, commonly used in Talmudic writings). It means a natural disaster that kills bad and good people.  

Why such an extreme punishment? 

Why is legalizing SSM so much worse a sin than other cardinal sins, such as idol worshipping, murder, and other forbidden relationships? Some of these have been legal (and even institutionalized) throughout history, yet we've never seen the same scale of repercussions as with SSM...(?) 

It is simply measure for measure:

  • When an individual sins (including SSM), the Divine consequence is on the individual level. 

  • When a society endorses SSM, they are effectively rejecting continuity. Such society is then eliminated. 


A communal trouble (G-d forbid) is a result of Divine judgment over communal sins. Its purpose is to arouse that community to repent. Global pandemics are not excluded. 

Only a prophet would be able to confirm the underlying cause(s) of the novel corona virus that has aflicted the whole world.  

Could there be a connection with the recent legalization of SSM around the world?


The following are mere observations

  • The timing: COVID-19 starting soon after most of the world had legalized SSM. 

  • The Coronavirus typically causes breathing difficulty, similar to when drowning. Also note, the act of breathing is life itself (which SSM undermines). 

  • The virus attacks good and wicked people. 

  • Talk of life with Covid becoming the “new normal”, after LGBT had become a new normal...

But regardless of the coronavirus or the reasons behind it, if society follows the same path as the Generation of the Flood (for the first time in history), why would legalization of SSM not solicit a (serious) Divine response?!



No biological variations other than males and females. There are two other biological scenarios: 

  1. "Androginos (אנדרוגינוס, Intersex)" has the sexual organs of both male and a female.

  2. "Tumtum (טומטום)" whose sexual organs are not evident. 

Jewish Law discussed these two scenarios extensively in the many instances when sexual identity makes a difference. A Tumtum is treated as a doubt of whether he is a male or she is a female (because the sexual organs are hidden and we cannot tell. With today's technology we would be able to tell...). Androginos is considered an entity of its own (not a male or a female. Talmud Yevamot 83a) but in all instances it is treated as either male or female (the stricter of the them both, depending on the circumstance – Rambam, Laws of Impurity of beds and seats, 1:7). So the Torah also views society as gender binary.  

"Sexual Identity". A new term the Agenda has introduced. This identity can change, depending on how the person feels...

The Agenda and increased rape. Note rape is another form of murder – Deuteronomy 22:26.

The philosophy of the generation of the flood was to follow their material desires religiously. Maharzo (מהרז״ו) on Midrash Bereshit Rabba 26:5.

The generation of the flood were immoral and thieves. Genesis 6:11 and Rashi on the verse.

The generation of the flood married two wives, one for pleasure and one for reproduction. Midrash Bereshit Rabba 23:2. Also see Rashi on Genesis 4:19. Also note the name of Lemech's wife-for-pleasure – “צלה (Tzila)” meaning shaddow, as she was always with her husband, implying that the pleasure is the main thing. Really we should separate pleasure from reproduction but rid of the pleasure, not make it king! (like we saw in previous articles).

The Generation of the Flood legalized marriage contracts for gay couples (and animals) and that's what caused them to be annihilated. Midrash Bereshit Rabba 26:5. Also see Talmud Sanhedrin 108a (about the connection between their immoral eyes and the waters of the flood) and 108b (about the connection between the hot flood water and semen).  

Calamities (Heaven forbid) befall a community because of their bad deeds (Jeremiah 5:25), so that they'll repent (Numbers 10:9). Maimonedes Laws of Fasting, Ch. 1, Laws 1-2. 

And Law 3: If they don't return from their bad behaviour but instead consider that the calamaty is a natural, random event, they are being cruel, and the calamity will not subside but rather exacerbate. 

Modern society following the same path as Noah's Generation. Not only with regards to legalizing SSM, but the general approach to life as explained above: 

  • Focus on the present. There is investment in infrastructure etc but not in what it will be used for.  

  • Athiesm is rampant. Noah's generation shared the same phillisophy, saying to G-d "Go away from us! We have no desire to know Your ways! What is the Almighty that we should serve Him? What will we gain if we pray to Him?" – Job 21:14-16, Tamlud Sanhedrin 108a. 

  • Even the aftermath will be the same: At the Flood, G-d's reign was absolute, and so it will be in the Messianic Era – Psalms 29:10 and commentators on the verse. 

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