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Moshiach for the Child

Closing the gap on their parents

Some things, children already do better than adults:

  • They are more spiritual. Having recently arrived from the World of Truth, they are not so adulterated by the fallacies of this world. Hence they can better

  • Recognize G-dliness and

  • Cry.


However, Moshiach will impact the child (we’re all children in one sense) to far greater extents, specifically in the following areas:

All You Can Eat

We’re starting with dessert. That’s what kids like, and they’d be thrilled if they were given free access to their beloved sweets. Obviously, some parents wouldn't be so thrilled.

Now it just so happens that one feature of the coming Redemption is:

“... All delicacies will be as freely accessible as dust”:


Fine foods, sweets, and luxury in general have already crept their way into everyday life over the past century or so (and this is a foretaste of Messianic Times), so their abundance is not a big deal anymore. Is there any significance to this destiny now?

Yes, there is – and it’s twofold:


You won’t need to worry about your children’s teeth rotting. The availability of sweets will not mean that they (or we) will stuff our faces ad nauseam. On the contrary, children in the Messianic Age will come to value sweets less and less. They’ll even be smart enough to abstain altogether (see below)! That’s why “dust” is used as an analogy – not only to stress the availability of sweets in the Messianic Age, but also to indicate the way in which they will be regarded – as akin to dust.


Just the thought of free access to all your favorite sweets should get you excited about the wonderful times ahead!

So in the Messianic Times there will be “All you can (– but won’t) eat”.

Will There be School?


Yes, and not only for children ­ even the most senior academics will

enroll in a learning institution. However, the curriculum will completely change, instead revolving around the hidden secrets of the Torah that will be revealed. Since these subjects will be somewhat novel, everyone will be a beginner.

Children will find particularly exciting the fact that studies in the Messianic Times will shift from the traditional audio medium (e.g. listening to lessons from a teacher) to the far more exciting and stimulating visual medium.


Audio ­ Since Always


Today we learn mostly through our sense of hearing (and even when we use our eyes to read text, we only see the words which describe the picture). This is effective for the study of tangible realities, but when we learn today about spiritual concepts, we struggle to grasp and internalize the subject matter.

One of the most famous Torah verses captures just that:

שמע ישראל ה' אלוהינו ה' אחד

ְ"Hear, O Israel: the L-­rd our G-­d, the L-­rd is one.” (Deuteronomy 6:4)


We don’t see G­-d; on the contrary, we see a world of plurality that hides (to the point of defiance) anything supernatural. But a Jew is expected to look beyond the masking of This World, to recognize and understand , that we have a G-­d (“the L-­rd our G-­d” ) and nothing else (“the L-­rd is one”) ­ a reality that will become openly evident in Messianic Times. Hence –

  • Jews would customarily proclaim this verse when (G-­d forbid) they were persecuted for adhering to this non-­observable reality against the odds of the time.

  • The only time we cover our eyes in prayer is when reciting this verse, as we don’t want our mission statement to be confused by the oblique visions of This World. This gives us the strength to abstain from following our eyes during the rest of the day.

“Listening” to G-dliness (a “quasi” experience) is a taste of, and will eventually lead to, “seeing” G-dliness (the ultimate experience):

Video – things are changing...


Visual learning boasts the following advantages:

  • It’s easier: It requires less effort to watch a video.

  • It’s quicker: We’re able to learn much more in less time. As the saying goes, “One picture is worth a thousand words” – and a video consists of many more than one picture!

  • It gives us a greater affinity with the subject matter: A video has a much greater impact on the brain than written words, thus causing the subject to become well-embedded in the viewer’s mind.

  • It allows us to perceive far more than could possibly be explained in words (even without a word limit).


The latter point is particularly significant to enable us to tap into the infinitely higher levels of knowledge that will be visually studied in Messianic Times, which words cannot possibly describe. So videos are becoming more and more popular, and the underlying reason being that “Vision” is a major theme in the upcoming Messianic Era.

The Future of Technology...


We've already said goodbye to blackboards and whiteboards. LCD and Plasma screens are good for a regular 2-D movie, and 3-D screens are being rolled out as you’re reading.

Technology is certainly improving at immense rates, but don’t be surprised if even the ultimate multi-dimensional visual experience fails to provide the awesome visions that the Messianic Age has in store for us.


We actually know today the medium that will be used to communicate these visions, but it’s getting too advanced for this page (Childhood) – see the Spirituality page for more on that.

What Visions?


In the Messianic Age, we will behold spirituality as a concrete reality.


Such visions are of immense intensity and in the past could only be seen and experienced by professional prophets (as described in Tanach). Only once in history were “ordinary people” exposed to the Heavenly realms – at the Giving of the Torah by Mount Sinai – and that completely freaked them out.


However, in the Days of Moshiach these visions will occur daily and overwhelm no one.

It will be in a completely different league from the films we know.

Can Children Prophesy?

Prophecy is a highly selective profession.

A prophet is an individual qualified to receive a communication from the Divine.

The general pre-requisites are:

1) Excellent Character

Always controls his natural instincts. No evil inclination overpowers his mind.

Children will also be subject to the “character revolution” that will take place in the Messianic Redemption.

2) Great Wisdom


Children will also undergo the immense boost in IQ that is scheduled for the Times of Moshiach.

3) Knowledge of Mysticism

Has studied and experienced the world of Jewish (Torah) Mysticism – the deeper planes of the Torah which deal with the inner workings of this world (בראשית מעשה), as well as that of the higher celestial worlds (המרכבה מעשה).

The upgraded schooling system (see above) will be well positioned to facilitate this prerequisite.


4) Joy

Prophecy and sadness/laziness don’t go together. Rather, the opposite state, joy, is a must.

Children are happy by default.

So no wonder then that even children will experience prophetic visions in this forthcoming era, for then – “I [G-d] will pour out My spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy” (Joel 3:1).

Now let's see what Moshiach has in store for the more material grownup.


Children recognizing G-dliness:  See Talmud Sota 11b where the children were first to recognize G-d’s appearance by the Splitting of the Red Sea.


Children are better at crying:  This is an important skill when it comes to Moshiach. To be explained under another topic, G-d willing.


Children like sweets:  Also according to Torah:  Code of Jewish Law, Orach Chayim 529.

All delicacies will be freely available as dust:  Mishne Torah of Maimonides, at the end. Also see Talmud Shabbat 30b.


Everyone will enroll in academic institutions:  "... and they shall teach no more every man his neighbor, and every man his brother, saying: 'Know the L-rd'; for they shall all know Me, from the least of them to the 
greatest of them, says the L-rd" (Jeremiah 31:33).


A Jew is expected to recognize and understand...:  That's what "hearing" (שמע) means in Hebrew - See Rashi on Genesis 41:15 and on Deuteronomy 28:49.

G-d's unity being openly revealed in Messianic Times:  This is the SIMPLE meaning of this verse - Rashi.

Vision is a major theme in the Messianic Age:  "And the glory of the L-rd shall be revealed, and all flesh shall SEE it together; for the mouth of the L-rd has spoken it." (Isaiah 40:5), "together do they sing; for they shall SEE, EYE TO EYE, the L-rd returning to Zion." (Ibid 52:8). And many others: Ibid 30:20, 33:17, 35:2, 66:18, Ezekiel 21:4, 39:21, Joel 3:1, Zechariah 10:7, Malachi 1:5).

Seeing the Heavens at Mount Sinai was a totally freaking experience:  See Tanya Ch 36 and Sefer Hamaamarim 5708 p151.

Seeing the Heavens in the Times of Moshiach will overwhelm no one:  Ibid.

Prophecy pre-requisites:  Mishnei Torah of the Rambam, Laws of Torah Fundamentals 7:1, and Talmud Shabbat 30b.

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