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Where's my Embassy?

So interesting to see some countries wake up to consider whether or not they identify with Israel (= the Jewish Nation), and not only with words but by physical action -- moving their embassy to Jerusalem, even though (1) no pressure or sanctions are being waved on them if they keep status quo -- for their embassy to remain in Tel Aviv (2) there's sure to be wide critique, possible sanctions from Arab Leagues, expenses and hassle.

Why is this happening now?

These nations are lining themselves up to how they will be classified (and what will happen to them) in the Messianic Age:

There will be three groups:

1) Amalek and its friends, who have essential hatred toward anything Jewish.

2) Nations which chastise the Jews but without real hatred.

3) Nations who are friendly toward the Jews

What will happen to each of these groups and how it's already started - to be explained and illustrated in future topics, G-d willing.

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