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Why was the World Created?

A Divine Business Venture.

The Ambiguity

The vision is clear, and there’s even a master plan for it (“Plan A”). But what will it take to get us over the line of completion: To what extent must the world be refined to achieve this goal?

Well, we've already seen the extent in history... It ended up being quite extreme and “Plan B” had to come into effect.

That’s because in order to reveal G-­d Himself in the world, it’s not enough to provide our “services” (extension of ourselves = Plan A). We also need to give ourselves (via Plan B).

The Physical Realm

Experiencing G-­d’s Name would constitute an out-­of-­the­world experience even for the highest spiritual realms, because no matter how high a world is, it’s still the same kettle of fish — it’s finite and worldly. However, the ultimate sense of a “world” (= concealment) is the lowest world, our world, where G­-d is concealed the most. Therefore,

  1. In it lies the ultimate purpose of creation: To reveal G-dliness in this physical world. And for this the "standard" strategy (Plan A) will suffice. 

  2. No wonder then that the work of making this goal a reality also takes place here in this physical world (not in the spiritual worlds).

The Realm of Evil

Physical existence effectively means Divine reality is completely covered up. What happens next? Trouble. Evil starts sprouting out like weeds (Psalms 92:8). 

Are we then doomed to get dirty by dealing with such low stuff?  Yep, just by virtue of being here! (Kohelet 20:7)


But that’s where we discover hidden potential to reverse,

overcome, and transform the wrongs that had come our way (through following Plan B). 

So don’t be deceived by all the evil you see in the world, which suggests it’s not worth a penny (to G­-d). Indeed, in its crude form it’s not worth much, but it is particularly herein that lies the greatest potential and the ultimate purpose of creation.

Business terminology -- 

from a Heavenly outlook


Ultimate purpose of Creation is the lowest, physical world - Tania Ch. 36.

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