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What Was Before the World?

Before the world there was G-d and His Name.

The Bigger Picture

Just to put the whole picture into perspective, the hierarchy goes like this:

Before Creation (above & beyond the world):

  • G-D HIMSELF is unlimited, and therefore He is not confined to being either finite or infinite, and can be both.

  • HIS NAME is an expression of G-d's ability to be infinite.  "Infinite" simply means no beginning or end.  As great as it sounds, it's associated with... a limit:  It cannot be finite.  So on this level there is no room for worldly (finite) concepts.

After Creation (within the confines of the world):

The world is an expression of G-d's ability to be finite.

"World" can be divided into two groups:


  1. "Creation / בריאה (Briya)" -- where the Divine Intellect dominates. Also referred to as "The Upper Garden of Eden"

  2. "Formation / יצירה (Yetzira) -- where the Divine Emotions dominate.  Also referred to as "The Lower Garden of Eden"

  3. "Action / עשי-ה (Assiya) -- where the Divine Actions dominate.  This is the spiritual side of the universe.

  • PHYSICAL WORLD​:  The physical side of the universe.  Anything physically tangible, from the sun, moon and stars to the down here on earth.

The shell gives a false impression

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