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"Zion has gone into labor... Zion has given birth" - Isaiah 66:8

Zion is like Ziun (a mark) - Likutei Torah, Devarim 1b

G-d "regrets" creating Exile - Talmud, Suka 52b 

The need to know about Geula and be ready for it - Tzipita Lishua p.4 

Gola itself becoming Geula - Likutei Torah, Behaalotcha 35

“Would I bring to the birth-stool and not cause to give birth?!” - Isaiah 66:9

New context before the Geula - Sefer Hasichot 5752 Pt.1 P.97

Moshiach coming all of a sudden - Malachi 3:1

Geula is already there but hidden in Gola - Likutei Sichot Pt.2 p.360 et al

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