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Unpleasant Signs

for the Coming of Moshiach



These four introductions set the scene of the time just before Moshiach comes.


They describe the underlying themes that underpin all the Unpleasant Signs (see below) of this era, including why there needs to be so much unpleasantness for something so pleasant as Moshiach.


The Talmud records many signs describing the chaos that'll prevail before the Coming of Moshiach. The global unease is fundamental to the onset of the new era.

7 Insights into Pregnancy, Labor and Birth, that explain the transition between the two extremes of World-to-Date and the New World of the Messianic Age.

Why particularly with the Coming of Moshiach we see the most irrational evils popping up in such forms as family-unit breakdown and suicide bombing.

This Biblical ailment ("Tzaraat") comes back to haunt us at the End of Days. How is it being expressed, and how can we overcome it?

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There are some 33 unpleasant signs for the Coming of Moshiach.

These are recorded in the Talmud (primarily in Sanhedrin pp 97-98 and end of Sota) and Midrashic sources, and are analysed in this section. 

Each sign would G-d willing cover the following: ​

  • Meaning, significance and sources

  • How does the Sign fit into the overall Pre-Moshiach context

  • How does it indicate Moshiach's arrival

  • How the Sign has only kicked-in in recent history, and never before

  • How does it apply to modern-day reality

  • What's the call for action

Governments are transforming to align with the way political affairs will be managed in the Messianic Era.

8 Articles.

A set of four signs about the unprecedented spiritual low of the Jewish People when Moshiach comes, and how we'll come out of it.

6 Articles.

Before Moshiach comes, wallets will become empty. Six different levels of understanding this sign, all of which have you spending plenty of money, especially on Charity.

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List of Unpleasant Signs

As they are named in their Talmudic source






1. Nations fighting with each other

2. Destruction of the Galilee

3. Destruction of Gavlan

4. Wandering of those who dwell on the borders without pity

5. Running out of coins from the pockets

6. Searching for fish for the sick but not finding

7. All prices equal

8. Prices soaring

9. Vine yielding fruit, yet wine is dear

10. The falling gate of Rome

11. The wicked kingdom stretching over the Jewish People

12. The government becoming heretic

13. The face of the generation being like the face of a dog

14. No rebuke

15. Increase in informers

16. Distorted dignity

17. Insolence will increase

18. Youths putting old men to shame 

19. Family unit breakdown

20. Cursing and blaspheming

21. Giving up on the Redemption


22. Generation is either completely righteous or completely liable


23. Truth lacking


24. G-d fearing people are considered mad


25. Darkness covering the nations


26. Dwindling generation


27. Wisdom of the scholars degenerating


28. Reduction of scholars


29. Remaining scholars finding hardship


30. Meeting places being used for immorality


31. Sin-fearing people being mocked


32. "So on whom can we rely?

Upon our Father in Heaven"


33. Scrutiny of the scholars

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