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5 ways Cryptocurrency is a step closer toward the Currency of Moshiach

We've explored Cryptocurrency, and the role it's playing in eliminating coins.

The basics of Spiritual Currency (Love & Awe) have also been introduced, and we've seen how that's the future of currency.

Now to connect the two: 


How Crypto is a solid step toward the Love & Awe of G-d.




Cryptocurrency is moving away from power hubs, such as Governments and Banks. These institutions regulate and store your financial achievements.  With Cryptocurrency, the individual is able to directly attain, manage and secure his finances.

Spiritual inspiration (Love & Awe, "currency") generally comes to the person through his spiritual leader: Rabbi, Tzaddik, "Rebbe". They are powerhouses of spiritual energy, and provide spiritual nourishment (essentially love and awe of G-d) to all those who connect with them. Whether through a fiery sermon, printed books, or even viewing their holy face.


That's the case in the old world.

In the world of Moshiach, every individual will have direct access to the knowledge of G-d. That will supply him with plenty of Love & Awe.


Decentralization of the supply of Love & Awe.

Hidden Currency

"Crypto" means concealed.


Cryptocurrency is a concept that's been hidden hitherto but is now being revealed.


Love and Awe are also hidden by nature. You don't see stadiums roaring with love and thirst for G-d.

That's the case in the old world.


The Coming of Moshiach will see G-dly emotions bursting out to the open. What this practically means is we’re going to see a lot of pure G-dly emotions expressed in the open. In person, on the street, and in social media.


Those emotions (and emojis) that were exclusive to material things will instead be addressed to G-d.




With cash and coins you could keep your wealth under the radar of the tax office.

And generally, people's wealth is not public knowledge. You can only speculate based on how they are living.


But Cryptocurrency makes the actual figures publicly accessible.

(So much for being a hidden currency!)


In This World, you can’t tell a person's true spiritual level. You can only speculate based on their actions. But actions don’t tell the whole story.


That'll change with the Coming of Moshiach, when the hidden will be revealed. The inside of the person, his real motivation (spiritual cash), will be transparent.

Unexpected Novelty

Cryptocurrency has come out of the blue.


By now, it is plausible for it to revolutionize how we do business and supersede previously-accepted modes of transactions. A paradigm shift.

Who would have thought this could happen, say 20 years ago?


Love and Awe of G-d have not been exactly what people in the markets are spending their entire life bargaining for and accumulating. But this is characteristic to the whole Messianic concept: A paradigm shift from the common reality.


Crypto has clearly demonstrated that such a change in this space -- although drastic -- is realistic.


Many Levels

cryptocurrencies icons.png

The paradigm shift of Cryptocurrency is in the blockchain technology.


Although it is a single technology, there's still plenty of room for many different currencies, not only "bitcoin".


This is similar to the old world, when each government maintains its own currency, and one is worth more than the other.

Did you think that Love & Awe are just two levels (that are complementary)? There are many levels of Love and the same with Awe, one higher (“worth more”) than the other.


People will have direct access to Knowledge of G-d: Jeremiah 31:33 "They will no longer teach each man his fellow and each man his brother  saying 'Know G-d!', for all of them will know Me, from their smallest to their greatest". Also Isaiah 11:9 "... for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of G-d as water covers the seabed".

This point (decentralization) also helps to "explain" why spiritual giants have been diminishing toward the end of Exile. Moshiach being a notable exception. However he is the one to facilitate this end state (Rambam, Laws of Repentance 9:2). It is also probable that his approach will not be one of baby-sitting (but revealing the inner abilities of individuals to the extent of their deepest level -- the "Yechida" which is one with G-d, Moshiach being the collective Yechida: Ramaz (Rabbi Moshe Zchut's commentary) on Zohar II 40b).

G-dly emotions bursting out to the open: "Raban Gamliel would announce: 'whoever his inside is not like his outside (תוכו כברו), let him not enter the academy'" (Talmud Berachot 28a). This approach was meant to reject students who pretend (outside) they are better than what they really are (inside). This approach was too much to ask for in This World (and hence it was relaxed by  Rabbi Elazar ben Azaria). However, this inconsistency between the inside and outside of the person will not apply in the Messianic Era (Sefer Hasichot 5752 II p.249). That is, whatever is inside the hearts of people will be visible outside, to everyone. We can see this clearly with social media. This will be covered please G-d more extensively as part of another sign for the Coming of Moshiach.

Many levels of Love and Awe: A number of them are covered in Tanya:

  • Lower Awe and Higher Awe (Ch. 42-43)

  • Great Love (אהבה רבה Ch. 43)

  • Worldly Love (אהבת עולם Ch. 43)

  • 'My soul I long for you' (נפשי אויתיך Ch. 44)

  • 'Like a son who tries' (כברא דאשתדל Ch. 44)

  • 'As water reflects a face back to a face' (כמים הפנים לפנים Ch. 46).

However the above-mentioned are a few types, but in terms of levels, there are infinite levels (Ch. 44).

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