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The Government Becoming Heretic


This Sign describes the transition of sovereignty from contemporary governments to Moshiach, 

through the recognition and choice of the Public.

It's Already Happening

​Here are some modern-age developments that are weakening the power of Government in consistency with this Sign: 
  • Israeli Defense Force is strong but its hands are tied
  • Donald Trump, the latest leader of the Western World, and the most unworthy of leadership
  • Public knowledge, internet, Wiki leaks – empowerment of the people (individuals / community) relative to the Government.  Decentralization of knowledge causes decentralization of power.
  • Private Sector advancing at much greater pace than Public Sector.
  • Technological advances and industrial revolutions are redefining and questioning the role of Government.
  • Privatization & Globalization of government functions and critical infrastructure.
  • Cryptocurrency:  An essential precondition that authorizes a government to assume power and enact laws is ownership of the local currency (Rambam Laws of Robbery, end of Ch. 5). Cryptocurrency is seriously challenging this authority. More on Cryptocurrency and where it's heading – under the Sign:  Running out of Coins

Key Points

  • Governments of the Western World (US, Israel, and all others) are not based on belief in G-d... this will ultimately lead to their replacement.
  • Extenuating circumstances of pre-Moshiach dilemmas (Unpleasant Signs) challenges governments world wide.  Governments fail to deliver. 
  • Democracy is playing the following roles:
  1. De-throne unworthy dictators, monarchs, kings 
  2. ​Allow the people to explore all kinds of approaches on their own, and realize (also on their own...) that they (together with their government) cannot solve their problems
  3. Create confusion 
  4. ​Facilitate, through the power of choice (voting), the appointment (crowning) of Moshiach by the People. ​​​​
  • Decline of able leaders​ reflects the rise of Moshiach. Today, they are easy to replace.
  • Moshiach will emerge as an all-time able leader, enabling him to take on the above challenges (get the people's buy-in, replace Governments, sort out global mess)
  • It is the simple individual who dethrones the Government and crowns Moshiach instead.
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