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Governments Declining

A Sign for Moshiach's Coming


Governments will completely change with the Coming of Moshiach.

Here are some of the perspectives you'll tap into:

  • The Israeli Government and IDF (are strong but) find themselves helpless.


  • The White House is named after its ultimate destiny.


  • Industrial Revolutions redefining and questioning the role of Government.


Moshiach will only come when the whole Government turns to heresy (Talmud Sanhedrin 97a). What's the connection?

How Pharaoh's Tzaraat was the turning point that led to the Exodus from Egypt.

Governments are crumbling the same way Pharaoh did before the first Redemption in history. Learn about where this is going.

Dictatorship, Communism and Democracy are all paving the way for the ultimate governance by Moshiach.

The Biblical conflict between the twins Esau and Jacob turns into an international, history-long battle that will finally conclude with the Coming of Moshiach, when Esau runs out of kings.

A deeper insight into why Democracy is reaching a Dead End with the Coming of Moshiach, based on the deeper meaning of the struggle between Esau and Jacob.

The Government Style of Moshiach, how it's been shaped up by King David, and Moshiach's unique war tactics.

Moshiach will need to deal with the Governments that's in Power upon his arrival, like Moses had to deal with Pharaoh.  We will need to provide support... 7 Guidelines we learn from the Exodus. 

Key points from the above articles as well as some illustrations from Modern Times of how Governments are declining.

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