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heralds the Coming of Moshiach:


A set of four unpleasant signs in the Talmud for the Coming of Moshiach.

The Four Signs are about the unprecedented spiritual pressure on the Jewish People at the end of their Exile, and what will come of it.

Key terms addressed:

  • Enlightenment

  • Haskala

  • Zionism

  • Physical Exile & Redemption

  • Mental Exile & Redemption

  • Divine Exile & Redemption

  • Tree of Jesse, its offshoot & root sprout

  • Forest of Sanherib (Sennacherib)


These Four Signs describe the dire state of the Jewish People just prior to the Coming of Moshiach. This article is about the Signs as described in the Torah.

With "Religious Persecution" penetrating well within the Jewish Community itself, this is how the Four Signs have changed the face of Judaism.

The Four Signs are corroding the spirit of the Jewish People like never before. But that's when Moshiach comes...

With Physical Exile moving slowly but surely behind us, and while Mental Exile is intensifying, there's yet another level of exile that's screaming for Redemption...

When people lose faith in the Redemption, that's when Moshiach comes. How does that work?

While the Four Signs have been explained above, the following summaries, tables and infographic bring it all together.

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