How Will Creation Reach its Goal?

Plan A
Plan B
Human Resources

The world was created for a purpose.

This is how the purpose will be realized:

Plan A

The master plan for spiritualizing the world:

  • Its three tiers: Prayer, Torah, and Good Deeds,

  • How they interact with each other, and

  • How they see to it that G-d’s Name (from before the world) is realized within the world.

Plan B

How to execute the master plan in the difficult and trying times of Exile.

Theoretically the hardships were avoidable but in hindsight they were inevitable... Because that’s how G-d Himself will also be revealed down here.

Human Resources


We’ll be doing all the work.

  • What about “free choice”?

  • Why are we being commanded?

  • Are all Commandments applicable?

  • Recruitment, career goals, and change management — how all these apply in the spiritual workforce. 

Plan A... The Bottom Line

Plan B... Scary stuff

HR... Your Spiritual Career Path

Basics of Moshiach & Redemption.
Dream – is Moshiach a fantasy?
Surety – what’s the guarantee Moshiach will come?

Changes – how will life change in the Messianic Age?

Reward – how will we get paid in the Messianic Era?
Miracles – will there be miracles in the time of Mashiach?

End – will the world end?

Coming – when will Moshiach come?
History – Messianic hopes & attempts in the past.
Predictions of when Moshiach will come - קץ or קיצין.
Dates – auspicious dates for the coming of Moshiach.
Today – can Moshiach come today?

Periods – durations and milestones in the Times of Moshiach.

These are the broad topics we'll cover, G-d willing:

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Moshiach – about the man.
Elijah and Moshiach.
Moshiach Ben Yosef.
You – your role in bringing Moshiach.


Rosh Hashanah | Yom Kippur | Sucot |  Chanukah | Purim | Pesach | Lag Ba-Omer | Shavuot | Tisha Be-av


Process – how will Moshiach come?
Shams – false Messianism.

Signals – signs of Moshiach.


The Temple - בית המקדש
Resurrection of the Dead - תחיית המתים
Ingathering of Exiles - קיבוץ גלויות


Significance – how important is Moshiach?
Exile – what’s the purpose of Exile?
Delay – why is it taking so long for Moshiach to come?
Obscurity – why is the end-time so concealed?
Ambiguity – why is Mashiach so unclear?
Controversy – why is Moshiach so contentious?


Moshiach – where is he now and in the past?
10 Lost Tribes – where are they?

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