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Deep Evil

Deep Evil is part of Creation - Sefer Yetzira Ch.1 Pt.5.  Deep Evil is one of the 10 depths in the world.

Deep Evil showing up at the End of Days - Hisvaaduyos Purim 5747 p.626-631

First Temple destroyed for idol worship, illicit relations, murder - Talmud, Yuma 9b

Idol worship, illicit relations and murder are discernible acts - Ibid

Babylonian Exile 70 years - Jeremiah 29:10

Second Temple destroyed for unwarranted hatred - Talmud, Yuma 9b.

Hatred is a subtle murder - Hayom Yom 29 Tishrei

Deep Evil (in the form of hatred) is irrational and ridiculous - Sefer Hamaamarim 5681 p.340

End of Evil - Zachariah 13:2 

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