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I created Evil and I created Torah as its remedy (בראתי יצר הרע ובראתי לו תורה תבלין) - Talmud, Kiddushin 30b

The Torah is eternal - Rambam, Laws of Torah Foundations, Ch. 9

Torah of Moshiach revealing ultimate depths (the Etzem עצם) - 

Torah of Moshiach impacting the entire world - Maimonides, Laws of Kings, Ch. 11

Loving your fellow - his qualities (Tanya Pt.4 Ch. 22), his soul (Tanya Pt.1 Ch. 32), his essence / G-dly element (Likutei Sichot Vol. 2 p. 300) 

Torah deepens to cure the blow - Kuntras Etz Hachayim Ch. 13 et al

Torah deepens to introduce the Torah of Moshiach - Torat Shalom p. 26 et al

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