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From the Old World

Pre Moshiach

to the New World

Post Moshiach

  • Why the world is chaotic during this Transition
  • Why there are so many signs about it
  • Why the signs are unpleasant

An  Introduction  to  the  Signs  of  Moshiach

"Old World"
The world as we've commonly known it. 
"New World"
The world as it will be conceived in the Messianic Age.  
Before the New World comes in, the Old World must go. (Maharal)
Sounds drastic...

This page is based on his commentary to Talmud Sanhedrin, pp 207 – 228.

Drastic Changes are OK.

By this day and age we are well-accustomed to change.
Even drastic changes.
of rather drastic changes

  • Distant communication only via writing letters with paper, inc and post office just a few decades ago. Now email and messages that’s not only changed everyday life but has extensively impacted social behavior 
  • Travelling by airplane all around the world as a matter of course, whereas not too long ago, the only mode of travel would be sailing and on the back of an animal
  • Education and information is available for all online, whereas not too long ago ignorance was the common thing

Single World

The transition between the two worlds is a gradual
Not a handover, at a single point in time.
Hence there are
Describing the noise associated with the decay of the Old World and fermenting of the New World.
The World
(the single place where the transition takes place)
is unsettled as it's being transformed from one extreme to another.

Unpleasant Signs

It's unpleasant to see the Old World withering away.
But the Talmud  describes this extensively, with Specific Signs, which we're calling “Unpleasant Signs”:
To be explained and illustrated one-by-one, please G-d.
Not “Bad Signs"
as they're for the ultimate good (see Birth-pangs Intro
because of the unease, turbulence, the change, the friction
The Good Signs are what Moshiach is really about... 
But the Unpleasant Signs are what the Messianic Era means to the Old World: 
How it seems to the world (initially).
Introducing the idea on Worldly (not Heavenly) terms.
Drawing your attention on your day-to-day material life. (The Good Signs could fly well past your head)
Effectively the stepping stone from the Old World
to the New World.

Unpleasant Signs are

A Must.

So Many of Them?

Yeah.  About 33 if you count.
The crises are all-encompassing 
because they herald a
Universal, Fundamental Change
To rule out any falsehood.
The Old World will have no haven where it can retain its own reality, its independent comfort zone.
And this is also what happened in Egypt, before the First Redemption: 
10 Plagues and all gods destroyed.

World = Order

The World (Nature) is defined by order.
Rules. Predictability.
Any change must
  • Make sense,
  • Be introduced at a reasonable pace, and
  • Be something we can handle.

It changes slowly following the four seasons. The world needs those warmer and colder temperatures, and as long as we stay away from the sun in summer and dress up warmly in winter, we can handle the extremities. ​

For example, the

Order is Restrictive

Only like this,
and only so much,
and only at this time,
and only here but not there.
There's a time and place for everything
But that means it can't be done any other time or place...
And some things can't be done at all...
"No order" is a Central Theme
running across all Unpleasant Signs. 
Because the pending revelations of the New World are from
Above and Beyond the World.  
What's called Tohu (תוהו) in Jewish Mysticism.
The "Normal" systems Break Down 
because they can't contain the new energies associated with the pending New World. 

The World is

Out of Order

with the Coming of Moshiach.

There's also



When there's no order, it's easier
To switch from following
the Old World to the New World.
Because when everything's running on track, it's hard to derail.
Like in the olden days,
when people more or less did the same thing every day of their life, 
whether on the right or wrong track...
Get Used to Change
Static, "same-old" staff has
in the New World, 
when limits will be phased out.
The New World of Moshiach demands
Dynamics &  Agility
Hence why
  • more things are changing
  • to greater extents
  • at greater frequencies

The Signs are

Calling for Action

  • Open up our eyes,
  • Understand the transition that's happening from the Old World to the New World, and
  • Start adjusting accordingly, to look at things with the New World's glasses.
  • Each Sign relates to a specific area, highlighting where corrective actions need to focus  –
To be described in future
updates, G-d willing.
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