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How Will Creation Reach its Goal?

Plan A
Plan B
Human Resources
Behind Concealment

Such innovation as transformation of evil will yield the highest revelation in the world:  G-d Himself.

Here are three levels of transformation associated with Plan B, from micro to macro, to illustrate how this works:

Sin  A Temporary Fall

Person Overcoming Sin:

Repenting for misdeeds isn't easy.  It calls for the deepest resources within the soul to wake up and effect a change in

one’s day-to-day life.  Where did those hidden powers come from?  The challenge aroused them, albeit they were

always there, deep down.

Sin Transformed into a Novel Merit:

These hidden powers not only enable the person to divorce from his flawed past, but are also able to transform that past: The sins are not left behind — they become merits, since they were after all responsible for causing that hidden potential within the person to rise to the surface — an outcome that even regular merits could not achieve.

The transformed sin is effectively a brand-new “merit” that is even more precious than any regular merit. 

Life in This World is Also A Fall

Soul overcoming Body:

Birth: The soul comes down from the comforts of heaven to spend some time with a physical body.  What a shock!

Eventually though, the soul finds hidden powers to overcome the body’s material nature and to reveal its true self.  These

hidden powers were given to the soul before its departure from heaven (in the form of an oath).  Again, revealing this

potential is not all that the soul came here for...

Body Transformed into Novel Energy:

With the spiritual surge of the soul, its physical body is not left behind.  Yes the body doesn't hinder the soul anymore (what

a break!), and it even supports the soul in its G-dly quests, but much more than that — the transformed energies of the material world take the soul to levels far higher than it would ever reach on its own, like a horse can transport its rider to places where a human being could never reach himself.

Creation  A Fall from the Creator

Humanity Overcoming Concealment:

G-d hid His Name to make the world.  Through the soul revealing its true self as described above, it also reveals the

hidden G-dliness in the world (His Name — the true self of the world).  That’s good news for the soul and the world but is there any benefit in all this to His Name?  Has it only been covered to eventually be revealed again?

Concealment Transformed into Novel Revelation:

Although when concealing G-d’s Name to create the world, the concealment stands between His Name and the world, the ability to conceal comes from G-d Himself, higher than His Name (hence the ability to conceal it).

So overcoming Concealment only reveals G-d’s Name in the world but by refining and transforming Concealment (as described above), we also get to see in the world the

origin of Concealment — where it comes from — G-d Himself.

And the revelation of G-d Himself is something that even His Name had never experienced (— the greatest novelty!).

It's a scary fall for the soul but it's worth it all.

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