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How Will Creation Reach its Goal?

Plan A
Plan B
Easy Stuff?

Praying, learning Torah and doing its commandments — is there anything so hard about it?  Well, if not for the Tree-of-Knowledge sin, we would be keeping busy with these three tiers in the Garden of Eden, retaining complete ignorance of what hardship even means.  And that was “Plan A” for getting

the job done.

But it didn't last long.  Forget about Gardens and Edens — gotta sweat!  From when Adam and Eve sinned, keeping these three tiers has been getting harder and harder until the longed Times of Moshiach, when the job will be finally complete and we’ll enjoy the well-deserved rest we have earned.


Why has it been getting harder and harder to pray, learn Torah and observe its Commandments?

(BTW the hardest is just before Moshiach...)


There is indeed a great reason for that — it’s “Plan B”.

Good Deeds - The Bottom Line

Human Resources

The hardest time is just before Moshiach - refer to Signs of Moshiach topic.

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